Enteral & Nutritional Services

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Welcome to Binson's Pharmacy

The Comfort of Home

If you are like most people, you would probably prefer to recover from or manage your medical condition in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Medical research shows that when a skilled team of specialists provides home care, patients experience better outcomes.

Home Enteral therapy is a safe and effective alternative to impatient care. The goal of our Enteral department team is to provide quality care in a safe environment while allowing patients to maintain an independent lifestyle. Prior to starting enteral services in the home, a thorough assessment is performed to ensure that the patient is an appropriate candidate for enteral services and to also determine if other Binson's services are needed.

Welcome to Binson's Pharmacy

Your Enteral Team

Your Enteral team includes nurses, pharmacists, and insurance specialists. They work closely with your doctor and other professionals involved in your care. The team routinely calls patients and monitors progress, compliance, and safety throughout the course of your therapy.

The Patients We Serve

Binson's Enteral department serves patients throughout the state of Michigan from a multitude of health systems. Patients who require enteral services may have diagnoses such as failure to thrive, gasroparesis, cancer, dysphagia, stroke, and other gastrointestinal diseases which result in nutrition-related problems.

Service Area

Binson's Infusion serves all of the state of Michigan, including most Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial insurances.

Requesting Services

A physician must order enteral services. Upon receiving your referral and prescriptions, we will review your insurance coverage and advise you of benefits available. Our start-of-care team is specifically trained to offer a safe transition to enteral services.

Paying For Care

Most major insurance companies cover enteral services. For your convenience, our staff will contact your insurance carrier to determine exact coverage.